What matters moSt…??? Love or Friendship???

As everyone always asked for this and as a usual genre or topic for love story movie…

Too bad for me bcoZ I need to ask this question and think for the right and clear answers. Admittedly, I need to choose between the two– our  friendship to last forever or a romantic relationship that could ruin our friendship sometime in the future possibly if it doesn’t workout (…well that’s horrible thing might really happened).

Damn it!!! Bakit sya pa kasi???!!!  as I always telling to myself during those time that I feel confused, empty and alone…And this is also one of the reason why i have to close my blog for a while.

But now that I made a decision though it was against my true feelings and intentions. I need to sacrifice what I am  supposed to be fighting for…(Martyr si Tito!!! Yay!!). Our friendship is the most valuable thing that I would never never let be broken.


Some times I wish you were here
To be my love, to be my dear
To see your smile, to see your eyes
I wish I could express the love I can’t deny..
Moazzam Rauf, I’ll Be Your Friend.


emo mode 😦

letting go…

starting to move on…


Nagbabalik na si Tito!!!

Tapos na ang taguan at muli ako ay magbubukas na…yahoooooooo!!!

Nakarecover na si Tito sa kanyang kaemohan at kadramahan..hayyyy! Kinalimutan na nya ang mga nangyari sa mga nakalipas na buwan…Sabi ko na sa sarili ko ” I have to  live for today and get over with the past and move forward with a SMILE sempre”… ^_^

Namiss ko tong Bahay ko…Sobra…Uber…

“Happiness depends upon ourselves.