Yes, It’s Lee Dewyze!!

American Idol Season 9 Champion

Yes, It’s Lee Dewyze from Mount Prospect, Illinois has been declared as  the reigning Season 9 American Idol competing over judges’ favourite Crystal Bowersox.

When American Idol Season 9 audition started and the contest goes on ,  I didn’t expect that another male singer will be declared as the new American Idol because female Idol hopefuls greatly impact this whole season in terms of their  singing style and artistry like Lily Scott  and Sioban Magnus and Crystal Bowersox. Looking back on their performances definitely will threaten the other contestant especially when Sioban Magnus, the Season’s Belter, takes the stage with her incredibly high belting songs and same goes to Crystal Bowersox, the ever original Mamasox, with her original accoustic renditions and outcasting performances that made her to be the judges ever favorite. But then only one should be named as the grand winner and be known as the newest American Idol and it’s no other than LEE DEWYZE!!! 🙂

81 thoughts on “Yes, It’s Lee Dewyze!!

      • hello bro jason!! etu nako, just got home galing chek up.. musta na keo?!?

        oo nga jason eh, naunahan moko, wala na tuloy ako premyo.. 🙂

        wow, penge tito!! ang sarap naman!!

        jason, nangiingit si tito oh???!!?

          • @ate pinkee: ano ang result ng check up??? magkakaron ka na talaga ng Kido???hahaha joke lang!!!

            watever it is sana oK ka… 🙂

            @jason: ang sarap nung ice cream grabehhhh…bibili ulet ako mamaya…hahaha

  1. third base?! at cgurdong lge lang me 3rd ky jason at ky sis len lolz

    hindi ako nanunuod ng american idol kht nand2 ako sa venus! ahhahha…

    tito musta c tita? eheheh

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