Mind Speak

Some things has to be change for a reason

Turning points needs to be chosen for better result

Time really matters and can’t be fooled by someone

For every beat of your heart dictates the seconds of your life

For every plan you’ve drawn there are  lies and uncertainties resides on

Good impression may last forever and so with bad impression

A simple word may change everything

A man can be killed by mere wrong accusation

A marriage might get turned down for a sort of misunderstanding

Trust can be broken for a simple word that you might say

then so be it…


10 thoughts on “Mind Speak

  1. you can never really tell what happens.. you can never be sure with just about anything in your life.. somewhere somehow, there’ll be crossroads for you to face, it actually doesnt matter whether you chose right or left, what matters is how you live by your choices..

    live life at its best..
    never settle for the less..
    embrace life as you should be
    then you’ll see ull be free..

    life is beautiful if we live it with a purpose..

  2. He sees you when you’re sleeping
    He knows when you’re awake
    He knows if you’ve been bad or good
    So be good for goodness sake!


    maging totoo lang at maging makatao at matutong respeto susuklian lahat ni BRO yan 😀 Merry Xmas!

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