February, 2012! I’ve been longing for this month to come. I’ve waited for about a year. Planning and Thinking of what might have happened once I tender that piece of sheet that will surely has an impact on me. Yes, it was hard to make decisions for yourself without thinking of its possible effect on your current standing. So I did asked and solicit some advise for some people I really trust.

After having much consideration, I believed that was enough and the time of assessment and apprehension has already lapsed. And so, I decided to leave and find my HAPPINESS.

We just have to let go for something in order to find  another which is better than the previous one.

Some people asking why? Some people has grudges but I don’t think it would change my last decision. Sometimes you need not to worry of what other people might say and just hold on your beliefs.

TODAY! I’m happy and excited. Life is too short to be sad and fear for something you didn’t even try. Done with “What If??”. Because God has always better plan for us. We just have to be brave and have faith to face any challenges and trials.

Finding HAPPINESS is  the motivating factor to me now to be more POSITIVE and PATIENT.


“Happiness is the art of never holding in your mind the memory of any unpleasant thing that has passed.”


5 thoughts on “FEBRUARY na! Find your HAPPINESS!

  1. May you find true happiness for being a positive patient!
    (Bakit parang may mali yata…)
    Sana parati kang maligaya kapag naging positibo kang pasyente!
    (toinks, mukhang mas lalong napamali…)
    pano ba? Hmmm… mag-aasawa ka na ba?!?
    Syanga pala, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (di pala ako nakadalo sa bertdey mo :D)
    Basta, may you now find Enrile!
    (Enrile: Gusto ko happy ka! :))

  2. Nice… 😀 February na nga… I like how you linked February to Happiness… Siguro dahil ito ang love month…

    Tapos na ang January, so tapos na rin siguro para seo ang jetlag ng 2011… Gustong gusto ko yung pagkakasulat mo sa “Done with “What If??” … at siguradong marami pang in store ang God para sa iyo… Morning!!! Ngayon lang ulit ako nakadalaw dito… 😀

  3. Happy February sa’yo Kuya! =). Tama, minsan kailangan magkaroon tayo ng sapat na lakas ng loob para bitawan ang kung anong meron tayo sa kasalukuyan para sa mas magandang kinabukasan. Hindi alintana ang kung anong, sasabihin, o iisipin ng iba. Paninindigan lamang. Galing Kuya, Maraming Salamat sa post na ito. Ingat lage. Godbless! =)

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