Wishful Thinking

If I had a chance to go back in time, even just for a few second, that would be the moment when you are about to pull trigger to end up all of your burdens and anxiousness.

I NEED to change. To give myself the incentive of coping up and value the changing environment. Be prudent and set off my concrete future plans.

I’m still thinking if I made the right decision of giving you up. But it’s too late when I realized that these feeling should have been given a chance. Hesitations came first because of the doubts and uncertainties that might possibly break the string that no one attempts to tear off.

Sweet SUN send me the moon and lend me the air that I need  to BREATHE AGAIN. For the one who holds my heart with a SHADOWFEET. CHASING on the pavements and landed into the BREAKEVEN where you can see Me, the MAN that cannot be moved.


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